So I Wrote Something…

You can read it here: And now to ponder my future plans....


Sunday Adventures

Technically this photo is from yesterday. Right now the girls are extra hangry and cranky, demanding Panda Express for lunch (it's a no). 🙂 However, I am tired of cooking so we are headed out to Cafe Rio and then to do some book browsing at Barnes & Noble!  Still percolating some big marketing ideas for... Continue Reading →

Kaizen – Constant Improvement

Researching the specifics of SEO for my law firm's marketing efforts this evening, and I ran across the Japanese word, kaizen, which means "constant improvement." According to Wikipedia, kaizen is the concept of continuing to refine and reform business systems and processes to make them better and better.  Can I just say how much I adore... Continue Reading →

Quick update!

Just wanted to post a very quick update to share a positive moment for me--in addition to figuring out how to blog on this wordpress site from my phone, i've also figured out how to blog for my work website from my phone! Mobile blogging! Amazing!

Goals vs. Systems

This article by James Clear has really got me thinking lately. I love setting goals but I haven't often thought about creating systems instead.  Most of my goals have a clear target and end date (run X race on Y date), but perhaps for some of the more ephemeral ones, I can try to reposition... Continue Reading →

Mood Is Contagious…

This morning, I got my 12 month old daughter vaccinated for chickenpox. I remember having chickenpox as a kid, so it's fascinating to me that my children will never have to deal with a sickness that I dealt with in my lifetime. My father-in-law had polio as a small boy. Thankfully, that also has been... Continue Reading →

We Did It! Whole30 Completed!

Steven and I challenged each other to do a Whole30, beginning June 5.  It was a long slog with plenty of dirty dishes, and perhaps later I will expound further on the recipes I found and the things that worked (and didn't work) for us.  But for now, I just wanted to reflect on my newfound... Continue Reading →

Half a year of birthdays!

This year I made a New Year's resolution to send birthday cards with a tiny little tidbit to as many people as I could.  I've managed to get through July so far, and although some of the cards have been a bit belated, I'm pleased with how far I've gotten!  Stella likes to be part... Continue Reading →

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